In this day and age, we bet everyone is familiar with the likes of Tinder and Bumble. But what about people who aren’t satisfied with that? What about people who are married or in a relationship already? People, who want to take it up a notch with someone other than their partners? Well, for those of you who are interested, Kasidie is the answer.

What Is Kasidie?

To put things simply, Kasidie is a website that offers connectivity. To what? Well, connectivity to other people who are just as interested in an exciting night away from their mundane lives. A night without any attachments or judgments which you both can enjoy. 

Kasidie specializes in people who are already in a commitment but what to have fun around town. In other words, Kasidie is a website designed for the swinger lifestyle. But what’s great about Kasidie is that although it is designed for swingers, anyone else can sign up as well.

Members are treated to a vast network of couples or individuals who want to be sexually active. You can look at it as a platform for the open-minded and sexually elite. As a new member in Kasidie, you will be welcome to interact with: -Swinger Couples -People with special and particular kinks  -Singles looking to have some fun -Individuals in a polyamorous setting

How Does Kasidie Work?

Like any other website or app, you’ll have to sign up with Kasidie’s website. When signing up, you will be asked whether you are an individual or in a relationship. That means you can sign up together along with your open-minded partner as well.

However, for couples who are new to the swinger lifestyle, we recommend doing your research. In kasidie, you and your partner will encounter various swinger terminology that you might not understand. For example, a soft pass means exchanging partners to get handsy without any actual sex. On the other hand, a full pass means that everything and anything is allowed. 

As new members, you will be encouraged to post pictures and the photo album section. After all, in a platform designed for swinger activity, one really needs to see who they’re interacting with here. Besides that, Kasidie has various options and specifications that you can pick for yourself. Go ahead and click on your list of do’s and don’ts; it’s very important to state what you want here.

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4 OUT OF 5
User Base
3.5 OUT OF 5
Quality of profiles
5 OUT OF 5
UX/Ease of use
4 OUT OF 5
Dollar value
4 OUT OF 5
overall rating
4.1 OUT OF 5
  • Accomodates swinger couples and singles
  • Profile reviews
  • Social events and lifestyle parties
  • Veified profiles
  • Niche limited for swinger lifestyle
  • No mobile app
Member Structure
Member Structure Content









55 & Up

Sign Up/Registration
 Signing up for Kasidie is as simple as making peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The website offers you an easy signup process that can be accomplished in just 10 minutes.

Like with any other website, you will have to choose a username and a strong password. You will obviously need to provide a valid email I.D as well. However, the most important thing is clarifying who you are. Since Kasidie includes swingers and singles, you must mention if you are an individual or a couple. The last thing you need to do here is to upload a profile picture, along with your age and location.
User Interface
 Regarding the user interface of Kasidie, we have to admit that it needs some work. The practical applications of the website function mostly well; however, we do get some minor hiccups. For example, when signing up your location, chances are that manually typing your location will not work. In this case, you have to type the last three letters of your location and wait for the interface to pick it up. It is a slight glitch in the system, but it works eventually.

The website design feels over-encumbered, but we get used to it once we use it often. The kasidie search engine provides various ways to customise your search and look for a perfect match. What's more, the rating system helps tell if people are newbies or experts, a very useful tool.
Profile Quality
     The quality of profiles makes or breaks any dating/hook up platforms, and it's no different with Kasidie. After all, the people in the platform are ultimately responsible for its reputation. That being said, Kasidie has a standard for verifying profiles listen on the website.

There are two ways to verify your profile in Kasidie; the first option is to send a picture to the certification department. You must be holding a placard with your username and current date for proof. If you are a couple, the picture must include the female partner at least. The email for the certification department is certification@kasidie.com

The second option is to get verified by actually meeting or interacting with a pre-existing member. This can happen at any event or private meet session. Once another member meets you, he or she can officially verify your details.
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