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Playboy is famously known for its adult content all around the world. There are many women in the world who have dreamt of being on the cover of this prestigious magazine. Ever since the 1st American edition of Playboy Magazine was published in 1953 by Hugh Hefner, thousands of celebs have been trying to get on the cover. It even includes A-List celebrities who have maximum star power.

Over the years, many famous celebs have graced the cover of this magazine. It includes everyone from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Carmen Electra, Anna Nicole Smith, Bijou Phillips, Jenny McCarthy, and the iconic Pamela Anderson. The stature and power of this magazine has only grown over time.

What Is A Playboy Model?

A Playboy Model refers to a female model who is featured or presented in the Playboy Magazine’s centerfold. She is highlighted as the PMOM or Playmate of the Month. Here, the pictorial of PMOM consists of a pictorial bio, nude photos, a poster on the centerfold, and a “Playmate Data Sheet” that contains all her turn-offs, turn-ons, birthday, and measurements.

The PMOY or “Playmate of the Year” goes to one among the 12 monthly playmates. Every PMOM is given a cash prize of over $25,000. Also, every PMOY gets an extra prize of a whopping $100,000, including a car with a short-term lease and many discretionary gifts. Plus, the Anniversary Playmates are typically selected for celebrating the “Year of the Magazine” milestone.

How Is a New Playboy Model Chosen?

Playboy encourages and requires the potential playboy models to send pictures that gives off the appeal of “Girl Next Door” to consider them. Here, others might also submit pictures of Playmate candidates, possibly making them eligible for the finder’s fee in case their model gets picked.

Moreover, casting calls tend to be held daily in all the major cities of the US. It gives women the opportunity to try and test out for the magazine. Before Hugh Hefner passed away, he personally picked every PMOM and PMOY, also by considering the poll of the annual readers.

The Newest Playboy Models

Yes, some of the biggest names and sexiest models have graced the covers of this magazine over the past many decades. As the past legendary Playboy models leave by embellishing the magazine’s history, there are newer models coming up to carry on the legacy and empire created by Hefner. Let us delve into the list of the Top 20 New Playboy Models. They include:

Lorena Medina

Let’s start off our list with the very beautiful Lorena Medina. Medina was born on January 18th 1992, in Mexico. She made the right move when she joined Instagram back in 2013 and began posting some of the hottest pictures. But she only rose to fame recently when she began modeling professionally and appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine.

We were missing out on this hot Mexican babe the entire time. Medina is also known widely for appearing in “Celebrity Ex on the Beach” alongside Joey Essex and other big names. Medina and Essex are pursuing a long-distance relationship, and we are all here for it.

Carly Lauren

Carly Lauren is one of the new hottest playboy models. This blue-eyed bombshell was born on July 7th 1990, back in Los Angeles, California. She is a popular fashion model as well as a television presenter. She blew up even more when she appeared in the magazine with her gorgeous beauty and stunning figure. As a kid, she was very much into sports, especially volleyball.

Lauren made her Hollywood debut back in 2011 with a movie titled “Showboys.” Later, she appeared in big projects like the “Chocolate Milk” series and “Southbound Heist.” Don’t be fooled by her beauty because this beauty also has a degree from CSU (California State University) in Business Administration.

Jayde Nicole

Jayde Nicole is a renowned figure in the Canadian modelling world. She was born on February 19th 1986, back in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. This dark-haired beauty was both PMOM and a PMOY, which is downright insane and impressive for someone as young as her. Nicole is the 3rd Canadian to be featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine and also one of the first in over 26 years.

Her modeling career began super early, at the age of 6, when she would model for fashion shows and catalogues. However, she stopped doing so when she reached 11. But after quite some time, she started again at the age of 15 when she was approached by a modeling agency to work with them.

Fo Porter

Fo Porter was born Felicia Porter on October 9th, 1989, back in Phoenix, Arizona. She is best known for appearing as a contestant in ANTM’s Cycle 12 in 2009, where she came in 5th place. From there, Porter’s career took a major push towards stardom. She is one of the newest models for Playboy Magazine. You best believe that the majority of the ANTM fans are coming to the magazine to see her.

You would be surprised to know that she was a teacher for pre-school before joining ANTM. She officially became a Playmate for Playboy back in April 2019. Porter has also modeled for well-established brands such as Nylon, H&M, and Revolve Clothing. Plus, she had campaigned for brands like Reebok, Billabong, Nike, Target, Abercrombie & Fitch etc.

Priscilla Huggins

This gorgeous Puerto Rican stunner doesn’t need any introduction because her looks and skills speak for her. She was born on October 26th 1993, back in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is extremely popular on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Huggins is blessed with a pair of beautiful green eyes and a bodacious figure. Apart from Playboy, Huggins has also modeled for big shots like Maybelline, Dior, Vogue, and Guess.

Ali Chanel

Ali Chanel is super excited to be one of Playboy’s curviest models. She never envisioned herself to become a model, let alone a Playboy model. Chanel entertained the idea when a former professional volleyball player and ex-playboy cover star encouraged her to do so. She is one of Playboy’s newest playmates, and the future is bright for her. Ali continues to inspire women with curvy and plus size shapes to also feel beautiful and comfortable in their bodies.

Gillian Chan

Gillian Chan is another fresh face in the world of Playboy magazine. This 27-year-old babe was born in San Francisco, California. She has afro hair and has a pair of the most beautiful brown eyes. Many of the readers were impressed by her natural bosom in the magazine. She officially became a Playmate for Playboy back in November 2019. Plus, this gorgeous beauty naturally stands at 5’10” without any heels on. So, you can imagine how tall and beautiful she is.

Yoli Lara

Yoli Lara is the newest addition to the Playboy roster. She became the cover model of Playboy in 2020. This Puerto Rican babe hails from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She has a slender figure with long brown hair. Her grandmother and mother raised her. She left for LA to pursue her modelling career, and it all worked out for her. Playboy chose her as PMOM in June 2019.

Geena Rocero

We are all about inclusivity, and we are glad that Geena Rocero is on the list. She is, without a doubt, one of the freshest faces in the Playboy mansion. And here’s the exciting part; she is a proud transgendered woman. Rocero was born on October 24th 1983, back in Manila, Philippines. She became a Playboy model and PMOM IN 2019. Plus, she even has her own production label and advocacy company. How cool is that?

Jenny Watwood

The next girl on our list bears a striking resemblance to fellow Playboy model “Lorena Medina.” Jenny Watwood was born on November 20th 1990, back in Mesa, Arizona. Watwood rose to fame when she started working with big reputed agencies like MP Management and MP Mega Miami. This charming Playboy model has a 10/10 body made for the gods. This beauty loves to travel, paint, and write as well.

Riley Ticotin

Riley Ticotin is a beautiful plus-size model who was born on December 15th 1993, back in California. She is currently signed under MiLK London and Natural Models LA. Riley has also worked with reputed brands such as Nordstrom, Asos, and Torrid. This 27-year-old curvy babe rose to fame in 2016 by appearing in a “Teen Vogue Video.” She is one of Playboy’s favourite playmates.

Nina Deniele

Nina Daniele is a well-established model who became Playboy’s PMOY back in 2018. She was born on December 27th 1988, back in Missouri. You may not know this, but before she became a model, Daniele used to be a writer. After she graduated with a degree in poetry and creative writing, she decided to join the army. However, her boyfriend advised her to model instead. Well, it worked out really well for her, all thanks to her boyfriend.

Savannah Smith

Savannah Smith is definitely the new girl on the block. She was chosen by Playboy as the newest playmate in May 2020. This sexy blonde was born in Athens, Georgia. She grew up a tomboy but became totally different as time progressed. Smith went to her first casting call in Atlanta at the age of 19. She ended up signing with her 1st agency. She stripped down for Lifestyle magazine in an auto body store. Savannah hopes to become like Martha Stewart but with a new-wave effect.

Brook Power

Brook Power is a professional American model who hails from Inglewood, California. She was born on September 14th 1989. Power is widely known for appearing multiple times in the Playboy Magazine. We can tell that the readers and the company adore her and her work. Surfing is her ultimate favourite hobby, giving her the tag of “Surfer Model.” She earned the PMOY title back in 2017, which was well-deserved.

Sarah Stephens

Sarah Stephens is a popular actress and model. She was born on June 7th 1990, back in Lancashire, England. But she grew up in Sydney, Australia and is widely known for winning the “Model Search” contest of Girlfriend Magazine in 2006. Sarah also walked for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show back in 2008 when she was only 18. Stephens also posed nude for the Playboy Magazine, which consisted of the most amazing shots.

Eugena Washington

Who doesn’t recognize this chocolate beauty from ANTM’s Cycle 7 in 2006, where she placed 3rd? Eugena Washington was born on October 8th 1985, in Columbia, South Carolina. She is, without a doubt, one of the most successful ones from her batch. Washington has also modelled for big shots like “Smashbox & Southpole Juniors.” She had even gone on to become PMOY back in 2016.

Jessica Wall

Jessica Wall was born on February 19th 1996. She is a successful social media influencer and professional model. Many people recognize her from her bold photography online. Jessica is currently under Ford Model Agency and loved by many because of her beauty. If you already follow her on Instagram, then you would know that she isn’t shy at all. She became a playmate for Playboy in September 2017. Hugh Hefner personally chose her before his death, which is a pretty big deal.

Shelby Rose

Shelby Rose is another blonde bombshell who posed for Playboy. She posed for the magazine back in November of 2018. Shelby Rose was born in Orlando, Florida. One of her best assets would be her bust size of 36, which is super prominent and attractive. By looking at her, we know that Playboy made the right choice picking her. Her dazzling eyes will also catch your attention as she did with us. Kyle Deleu is responsible for shooting her iconic pictorial.

Tanerelle Stephens

Tanerelle Stephens is the perfect epitome of a chocolate beauty. Stephens was born on April 9th 1994, back in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an established actress, songstress, and also a model. Some of her popular songs include “Love from NGC” and “Boys Like You.” She was a centrefold model for Playboy back in 2020 and is working with other projects in Playboy as well. We are sure that you will also be mesmerized by her big beautiful afro hair.

Winter Ave Zoli

Winter Ave Zoli is what we call a rare beauty with eyes that could kill you. It doesn’t take us by surprise that she appeared in a Playboy Magazine. She was born on June 28th 1980, back in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Apart from being a professional model, Zoli is also a top actress who is popularly known for playing the role of “Lyla Winston” in the movie “Sons of Anarchy.” Some of her other great works include “Bad Company” and “Perception.”

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