Casual Relationships Vs Long Term Relationship


Today’s young generation has come up with nuanced ideas about relationships. Earlier a relationship meant a lifelong commitment which they want to pursue. The definition has changed and so has changed the name. The name casual relationship itself suggests the flippant nature of the commitment that the youngsters are most likely to enjoy. These kinds of relationships are just for sexual indulgence. The half-hearted nature of the people involved in these kinds of relationships makes it fragile and unimportant, but a hook up can still greatly fulfill sexual desires. The youngsters are more likely to get attracted to the casual hanging outs where there is no fear of commitment and no fear of heartbreak.

Not just for the reason of heartbreak, they are unlikely to make a serious move as that appears to be burdensome and might get in their way of career. Casual relations can be of many sub-types such as one night stands or casual encounters, friends with benefits or a relationship just for hanging out or for posing for Instagram. One night stands as the name suggests it’s the single contact that never moves further. Essentially, strictly casual sex with no commitment. If it goes any further, then, it can no more be called a one nightstand. In casual relationships, there are mostly two types of contacts, sexual and social. Like friends with benefits might or might not always share sexual contact. They can meet casually with other friends and be part of the same social circle. Trying out different partners to see who the one for you is is the motive of these kinds of casual relationships. Where one nightstands do not involve any personal disclosure, friends with benefits have space where they can expect to be open about their feelings. At Hookup Sites our focus is on helping people hook up through different types of casual relationships.

Are Casual relations a taboo?

Casual relations are like a taboo to some people, but it has proven to be beneficial in some ways. Casual relationships are a great option if anyone wants to explore different types of sexual activities or to develop a social circle to make a lot of friends and relieve stress. While relationships have constant pressure, the casual relationship gives you your partner in crime as well as a shoulder to cry on when you are sad. It is the kind of relationship everybody would love to because there is no risk involved. There are no freaky promises just casual hanging out and later if you like that person, it might run a long way too.

Casual relationships are more familiar with the university students who already have a lot of pressure and cannot afford to meet the demands of a long term partnership, but that doesn’t mean that they do not want to be loved or liked or have amazing sex. Moreover, they don’t have that much energy to spend on the long term relationship, and the new ideals have helped the youngsters a lot to normalize this idea of a casual relationship. Studies have proven that casual relationships can satisfy your sexual desires, can develop intimacy and a feeling of companionship and to a lot, extend your range of self-confidence that had been low for long. All these you get without any commitments to any partner or without engaging emotionally. There are fewer heartbreaks, and simultaneously, people start taking the relationships maturely and understand the reason for splitting up and take that normally. These brilliant offers in a casual relationship don’t make it the one that everybody would want because there are still some social stigmas which cannot be wholly overheard. The slangs like calling men studs and women sluts are very common in a casual relationship. The pressure for women is more than the men as they have to face a lot of dirty looks for their casual behavior. While engaging in a casual relationship, you can come up with problems like miscommunication, unrequited feelings, and hurt feelings. Ironically most of the people who engage in a casual relationship are more likely to be seen getting into a commitment afterward as they settle down. But if you are afraid of the commitment of the long term partnership, then do engage in the casual ones but do keep in mind the need to communicate and to have a spirit of compassion.

While talking so negatively about long term relationships, there is an urgent need to explain why some may benefit from getting into these serious relationships. Casual relationships can be fun for a few months, but to walk a lifelong way, you may want to have your soul mate who will be there for you throughout. Checking out different people is great fun, but the idea of getting in a commitment might have some pressure, but it’s the emotional bond that can satisfy you to the next level. Here not just a sexual relationship but spiritual and emotional connectivity that could make you feel like you are complete. The latent friendship and the care and concern for each other could be the best feeling that you might ever have. No matter how hard life hits you, this relationship will be your curing ointment and will find you a best friend for life. The self-benefit will be shifted to the other person’s satisfaction, and it is only in the long term relationship where you can completely open up in front of your partner, and you will not be judged. These kinds of long term relationships lead to marriages and have the potential to tackle all kinds of troubles that come into any relationships. You don’t need to worry about the social status as well as you are free from any feeling of unrequited love as the other person is the one for you always.

Not discouraging any one of the two as they have their benefits and disadvantages. It is up to the individual what they choose for themselves. There are different dating services available, which are so popular with youngsters and are enjoyed worldwide. Many are for more serious relationships like Match or POF. Ashley Madison, XMeets, and Fuckbook among others are strictly for finding fuck buddies and having casual sex. Choose accordingly what suits you. If anything we recommend experiencing both types of relationships at some point and not having any contempt prior to investigation.

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